Monday, October 7, 2013

I'm back, at a new place!

Hello all!! I am back to blogging, and I HAVE MOVED!! Come visit my new blog at Thank you so much and hope to see you there, Julianna Grace

Sunday, May 27, 2012

America's Blog Candy :)

Wow! This is some very generous blog candy being given away by America, from Cards By America! You can click the following link to visit her lovely blog! :) Happy Blogging! Julianna <3

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thankful :)

I know I haven't posted since March... I'm sorry! Taking this break has been great, though. I've had a lot going on during the past several months.

I've been thinking about people in my life who I need to be more thankful for. There are so many wonderful people who go out of their way to make things more pleasant, and most of the time I don't pay attention. At all. So recently I made a thank you card.

Most of the time, when I make a thank you card, I just put it away until I "need" it; until someone decides to be really generous. Maybe someone gives me a birthday gift (well, that's worthy of a thank you card). Perhaps someone helps me out with a project (that really deserves a thank you card. You get the picture.

I'm not going to put this card away until a designated person "deserves" a thank you. I'm going to give cards to the people who REALLY deserve a thank you. What about the pediatrician who goes out of her way to make your visit more cheerful. Maybe there's a friend who has really been encouraging you lately. These are the ones I'm talking about.

We all need to be more thankful for these people. Think about what it would be like without them. My life would be much more dreary!

I hope this spurs you to be more appreciative for those in your life who make a difference! :)

For the card, I used mostly scraps, the 'Swiss Dots' embossing folder for Cuttlebug, The 'Twinkle Toes' cartridge for Cricut, and some old pink brads I was given! :)
I'm entering the card into The Pink Elephant Challenge for this week!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Julianna Grace

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Extraordinary Pantene Commercial

Hello and Happy Tuesday!

I had a few spare moments this afternoon to share this video with you. Yes, it's in Chinese, but the words are at the bottom of the screen in English... this is truly inspring.

Of course, hair doesn't really blow around like you're in the middle of a tornado, and a complete orchestra doesn't really come from inside of one violin, but I just love the meaning of that video. We don't have to be like everyone else. We don't have to "fit in." I hope this video inspires you to shine and stand out like it did to me.

Have a extraordinary afternoon!

Monday, February 28, 2011

She's Back!!! (almost!)

Hello Everyone!
I know that it has been 2 months (exactly) since I've posted on here, but swim practice has taken up literally all free time after schoolwork right now. Swimming ends one week from tomorrow, so expect to see many more posts coming soon! :)

Can't wait to start back blogging! :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cupcake Card

Hi Everyone!

It's been quite a while since I've been on here so this may turn out to be a pretty lengthy post! I've been so busy with my packed schedule (school, swim team, piano, and much more) that although I've had time to craft, I just haven't been able to find the time to post, so tonight I'm making myself time. My siblings are all playing wii and so this is the perfect time to post! First of all, I hope everybody has had a Merry Christmas! I know I did! For Christmas I got a Cricut Create, (I decided to go with the smaller Cricut) and I'm having so much fun with it! During the time I've been M.I.A, my birthday has also passed :) and my parents got me a Cuttlebug! I am having so much fun creating all kinds of stuff with my awesome gifts! I'm really excited to show you this card I made with both my Cuttlebug, and Cricut! :)

My card is 5 1/2" by 4 1/4", and the green layer was embossed with the Swiss Dots embossing folder for Cuttlebug. The cute little cupcake, I cut out with the Cricut Home Decor cartridge. I won that AWESOME cartridge from Amy, over at her awesome blog, www.scrapping I can't wait to start posting again, there's TONS more coming soon!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ballet Card

Hello! Just wanted to share a cute little card I made today!
I am really loving that glitter on the wings!
Sorry this is so short but it's my bedtime!